Real Konversation

First of all I support any campaign to cease violence, especially of the sort practiced by this person Kony, who is unquestionably horrible in the extreme.  So, for that reason I am sharing this video, but I want to state very cautiously that I do so as part of a larger project to end worldwide recruitment of child soldiers including here at home, and I think we have to be very careful about exporting our compassion, and projecting injustice away from home.  Here where I live military recruiters aggressively recruit our children every day, often times developing coercive relationships with them well before the age of emotional maturity, so that they can be co-opted into a culture of violence.  The consensus among psychologists is that adolescence lasts well into a person’s 20s, and that they do not become emotionally mature until they are almost 30 years old, owing to the complexity of our society.  To be clear, I’m not sure at what age a person is capable of making the choice to train in the art of killing, but being in my mid-thirties, I know that when I meet 18 year olds I think one thing ‘Child’…someone unable to make decisions like voting or alcohol consumption but legally allowed to shoot people in far off lands.  So, let’s get this guy Kony and put him in jail, but let’s not celebrate our righteousness too quickly while some of our children are bombing and killing innocents abroad.  These movements have to maintain their universal quality and we cannot use the atrocities elsewhere detach ourselves from the ones closer to home.  War is not sustainable…it is not a 21st century practice.






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