The Forbidden Fruit of Progress – Apple Boycott

After you listen to the following podcast, I think you will understand the subsequent campaign I am launching.  Please listen and then join me in trying to liberate those who are working for our pleasure.

What would you do if you lived in a society where slavery was being practiced?

When, as Americans, we learned about our history of slavery didn’t we all ask ourselves ‘What would I have done?’

Well, now you get to find out.

Like the man says in the talk you heard, I am an Apple user, and so I am complicit in the crimes he describes.  And I must act.  And so must you.

In 1955 civil rights leaders organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott and this enabled disenfranchised African Americans to gain financial power in their community and leverage their community for equality.

In the same spirit I will be BOYCOTTING APPS AND MUSIC DOWNLOADS the entire month of MARCH.  I invite others to join me on this boycott to let Apple know that we expect production to be radically more humane.  If you want music, buy a CD at a local store…and put off buying those silly games for a month.  The amount of money made from downloads on these devices is huge.

I want:

1.  Limited work hours – 40 hour work week

2.  Access to workers by American Press.

3.  Freedom to Unionize

4.  Wages that allow workers to live outside of the factory.

If this boycott is successful, then we can organize more effective means of liberating our global citizens from the pressures of corporate greed.  But we must start somewhere.  Spread the word…March against Downloads…Human working conditions for all.

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